Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tickled Pink

     Today was an incredibly busy day I wish I could say it was a day of incredibly fun adventure such as a trip to Hawaii, a relaxing day at the spa or even a carefree day of window shopping.  Most of the day had a lot to do with …(insert swear word of choice)….cancer.  Our first stop was to a little boutique nearby called Tickled Pink It is a wig and hat boutique owned by a wonderful lady named Susie Kirch. The boutique was the idea of Susie’s niece who had lost her hair to chemotherapy and wanted to cover her head a cap and a wig. After feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable shopping for them at a local beauty supply store they decided to create a boutique for women to come and shop for wigs in privacy and comfort. After some nervous laughs and a few bad bald jokes Kathy began to try on hats. She is very confident of what she likes and every one that she tried on looked awesome except the cream colored one….Oh that cream colored one, I looked at her in the mirror and without hesitation I shouted, ”Take that off you look like the Captain from Captain and Tennile!”  Under my breath I sang a few lines of "Muskrat Love".

 Tickled Pink was just what we both needed, a warm, safe beautiful haven away from the harsh clinical side of cancer. The rest of our busy day included multiple phone calls from doctors and clinics setting appointments for next week and some grocery shopping. The final part of the day was the best. We watched Kathy’s son Jesse play a great game of basketball. I am going to sleep tonight with a smile on my face. I got to spend a day with my sister laughing and crying, shopping, and talking. 

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful Day !!! May GOD BLESS both of you !!!