Friday, January 23, 2015

Expect the Unexpected

The short story is round one of chemo is over. Kathy talked, smiled and slept through  the entire 6 hours. She felt fine when we got home, laid down for a nap woke up and said, it feels like something happened to my body....welcome to chemo. 

Yesterday we arrived at the hospital ready for a long day of chemo treatments. Kathy's bag was packed with all the suggested items, Kleenex, mints, chapstick, lotion, I-Pod, electronics, crackers etc. While the nurse was preparing to take a blood sample from Kathy she asked if she took the "pill" ..We looked at each other and said what pill? It turns out she was supposed to take a steroid type pill 12 hours before the appointment...No Chemo...

But it really was a blessing, It was a beautiful day and we had a great lunch together. Finished up some errands and went to fill the prescription for the super steroid "pill" and some anti nausea pills. This is when I find out about how screwed up the medical system is..The pharmacist tells us the nausea pills are not covered by the insurance and it would be $130.00. "Are you kidding me?" I said. I got on the phone and called the nurse she told me to go to Costco they would be $18.00. Yes, the same pills at Costco were really only $18.00. I don't get it..

Kathy was blessed by angels the rest of the evening, she had some special mother daughter time over pizza and salad.  (Shhh don't tell her doctor, he says salad is bad for chemo patients, it has dirt and bugs on it) Then when dinner was over and she received the check , somebody had paid for her dinner...It was completely unexpected and she said that had never happened to her in her her life...pretty cool..

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  1. Kathy, You are a very strong person that I love and I know you will get thru this procedure as well as anyone ! Sometimes we feel we are not strong enough but, you can do this with the help of your family !! I think and pray for you every day !!! Every Thursday my Bible study group prays for you. One of the ladies, in the group, has gone though this procedure ! Our Pastor will ask people to make a special pray for you and this person, Brenda, always does a beautiful job with the pray !!! She writes music and sings beautiful !!! She knows how to put the right words together ! My words could not be as elegant as hers so l let her pray for our group. I might not get though the pray. I wish you could hear her prays, because when she does your pray, I can hardly talk for a little while. GOD BLESS You Kathy !!! If you get really bored please give me a call ! I miss not talking to you ! Love you girl, brother Bob