Friday, December 26, 2014

Ho Ho Ho ...the Oncologist doesn't know...

Just wanted to let you all know what we know...
Surgery on Monday has been cancelled pending further tests ordered by the oncologist. Kathy did some more bloodwork and is on a waiting list for an MRI. The PET scan showed some suspicious areas and the oncologist is hoping to rule them out as cancerous. 
It has now been 24 days since she heard the words, "You have cancer. " She is frustrated and wants to move faster toward treatment.  Waiting for tests, then waiting for results,  then waiting for a doctor appointment...enough already!
We have all been on an emotional rollercoaster. It has been hard to be joyful this holiday season. That being said, I am thankful for the friends, family, and community,  who came together to help brighten the holiday's for Kathy and her family. 
Some have asked to remain anonymous...sorry..I tried.. (lol)
Others actually gave less to their own family so that they could afford to help. (The true spirit of Christmas.) 
On a lighter note, Christmas also delivered a tow, a glow, and a 
blow to our family.  On Christmas Eve, my truck was towed home...seems the security system no longer recognizes the key...or the flux capacitor is broken. My Dad's truck dashboard was "aglow" with the check engine light...oh please let it be an easy inexpensive fix!
 And lastly, Kathy's microwave "blowed up". Of course that is not proper grammar but needed to rhyme. 
Wish List: a microwave-will pick up...if we can get our vehicles running....fa la la la la
This just in...some of Santa's elves delivered a microwave for Kathy today. We are blessed to be surrounded by such awesome friends. No news on either vehicle yet...

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  1. I know this all sucks. And it seems like it is taking forever to begin treatment. When I was diagnosed it was over a month, almost five weeks from those words until I went into surgery. And then a month again before I was healed from surgery to begin Chemo. Things move at their own (snail) pace but it is all so very important to know exactly what they're working with before they begin the prescribed treatment plan. And I felt like I 'hurried them along' to get going as well! I say a prayer every day for your family and that the doctors are wise and will help Kathy come out cured at the end of this stinking journey. Speaking of journeys, I'll say a prayer for your families vehicles as well! :-)